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Posted on: September 21, 2021

North Fayette Offers “Safe Place” to Complete Internet Transactions

Safe Place sign with the words "Meet up Spot, Internet Purchase Exchange Location".

What is a Safe Place?

A safe place (or Internet Purchase Exchange Location) is a dedicated location for online buyers and sellers to meet and conduct transactions, usually located in a police station parking lot. This eliminates the need to use your home or business for these transactions.

Safe Place sign with the words "Meet up Spot, Internet Purchase Exchange Location" in Front of

Why use a Safe Place for Internet Transactions?

Using your home or place of business can be risky. Each year, hundreds of people are robbed, beaten, or killed during exchanges. Even public places (like Walmart parking lots and gas stations) are not 100% safe.

Safe Place locations are public, well lit, and under video surveillance. Additionally, our Safe Place is located in our municipal complex where our police station (open 24/7/367) is located.

How do I use a Safe Place? Do I need to contact law enforcement first or make an appointment?

No appointment or prior notification is necessary, feel free to use our Safe Place location at a time convenient to you. That said, we recommend that you conduct your transactions during daylight hours whenever possible.

How do I get directions to the NFPD Safe Place?

Our Safe Place is located in the parking lot of our municipal complex located at 400 North Branch Road, Oakdale, 15071. Click here to input your address for directions.

What if I'm buying or selling large or bulky items, such as furniture?

When it's impractical to conduct internet transactions at a Safe Place location, we recommend the following:

  • Move the item into the garage or entryway, if possible. The goal is for potential buyers to see as little as necessary of your house – ideally, they won’t come inside your home at all.
  • Make your meeting a two-step process. Arrange to meet during daylight hours and have a friend be there with you. First, meet in a public place close to your house. Ask for proof of identity such as a driver’s license. Note the license plate number, color, and model of the buyer’s vehicle so you have it in the event there is trouble. Then, if you’re comfortable that the buyer seems legitimate, have them follow you and your friend to your house.
  • If more than one person arrives, keep them together. A common ploy is for one person to engage you with questions while another asks to use the restroom. It may seem rude to refuse to let someone use your bathroom, but it isn’t. Let them know where the closest public bathroom is located.
  • Don’t hand over the item until you have cash in hand. Don’t accept partial payment, or anything other than cash for the transaction. If the method of payment changes from your previous agreement, decline the deal.
  • If the potential buyer wants time to consider and comes back later, follow the same procedures. Don’t get careless the second time around.

If you have any questions about our Safe Place location or tips on conducting safe internet transactions, call our non-emergency line at 412-787-8900.

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