Floodplain Information

DEP Office Information

If there is debris in the stream, it is the property owner's responsibility for removal. Debris, such as trees or boulders, can be removed from the stream without any permits as long as equipment is not placed in the stream and you are not excavating the banks. If a wall has fallen or was pushed into the channel or you need equipment, either a GP11 Permit (repair/replace existing/permitted structure) or GP3 Permit for Bank Rehabilitation is necessary. These permits are issued through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The telephone number for the Southwest Regional Office is 412-442-4000. Please note dredging and/or sediment removal is a different issue and is not permitted.

Flood Insurance Rate Map (Firm) Changes

The FIRM map letter was mailed to North Fayette Township residents in January 2013 regarding the proposed changes to FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Maps throughout Allegheny County. The updated maps have been adopted by the County and are now effective.

FEMA recently updated all of the floodplain maps throughout Allegheny County. These changes were approved in September 2014. If you think your property may be located in a FEMA designated flood hazard area, you can map your property via FEMA's online Flood Map Service Center. All you have to do is type in the address of the property and press enter. From there, it will direct you to the flood map for the selected area. You can choose to view it online or download it. If you choose to view it online, you will be able to use the online tool to zoom in to the property and print out and/or download a flood map of the subject property.

Helpful Resources

For more information on the FEMA flood hazard areas or to speak with a FEMA representative, please call the Region III office in Philadelphia at 215-931-5500.