Posted on: June 5, 2017

Dear North Fayette Township Residents....

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Dear North Fayette Residents,

North Fayette Township is a mixture of rural and urban lifestyles over 27 square miles.  Our Township is unique in that when a fire, emergency, or traffic accident call is received, we have several neighboring fire departments that respond.  Those neighboring Fire Departments you may see in and around North Fayette include Oakdale, Sturgeon, and McDonald.  The departments have specific areas where they provide a primary response and they back each other up on calls in those other areas of the township.

All of the local Fire Departments including the North Fayette VFD are successful because of donations and volunteers.  The yearly donations help to purchase and maintain equipment, maintain facilities, and provide training and gear for our First Responders. 

If you have received an overlap of solicitation recently for the North Fayette Volunteer Fire Department and one of our neighboring Fire Departments, please keep in mind that these departments serve and protect your property and if your personal budget permits, consider donation to both if possible. 

Gary Hamilton, Fire Chief of North Fayette Township, is available to answer any questions you may have.  Gary is available 7am-3pm, Monday through Friday at 412-788-4888. 

Thank you once again for your donations to the North Fayette Volunteer Fire Department and our neighboring fire departments as well!  Our local fire departments are successful because of you.

Kind Regards,

Gary Hamilton
Fire Official
North Fayette Township

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