Posted on: May 16, 2017

Donaldson’s 5th Grade Student Council raises $1500 for the NFPD K-9 Fund. …


Chief ODonnell, Sergeant Heufelder, and K-9 Nevo enjoyed a visit on Monday, May 15th to Donaldson Elementary’s 5th grade student council.  Mrs. Mangan and the 5th grade student council hosted various fundraisers throughout the year to support the K-9 fund. Some of the fundraisers include: $1.00 to chew gum, wear pajamas, wear a hat, and selling scented pencils.  This generous donation will help to offset the costs associated with a K-9.  Thanks once again (4th  year in a row) to the students at Donaldson Elementary for your generous donation and hard work for K-9 Nevo!

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