Trash & Recycling

  1. Bulk Garbage Items

    Find out what kind of items are included in Bulk Garbage Pick Up.

  2. E-Waste Removal

    Televisions and PC monitors can no longer be picked up at the curb or through our e-waste program effective May 2, 2013, due to a change in procedure by the e-waste removal company.

  3. General Sanitation Guidelines

    Read through general sanitation guidelines for the Township.

  4. Grass, Leaves & Yard Waste

    The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has mandated that North Fayette Township recycle leaves and grass as part of its overall recycling program.

  5. Holiday Sanitation Schedule

    Read about the sanitation schedule and how it is impacted by holidays.

  6. Medical Waste

    Find out what to do with medical waste supplies.

  7. Recycling

    North Fayette Township operates a one-man automated recycling truck and cart system. This system allows the driver to remain in the truck while the automated arm picks up the cart and empties it. This system provides a much more efficient and safe method of recycling for the Township.