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    The new Community Center at Donaldson Park is opening this Spring...

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    Join us for the North Fayette annual Easter Egg Hunt!

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     Providing Assistance Love and Support (PALS) Annual Easter Egg Hunt



  • Q: How do I receive Township alerts?

    To receive Township alerts, sign up on our homepage under “Register for Township Alerts”.

  • Q: I'm a new resident to North Fayette Township, what steps should I take to make sure my Wage Tax is properly handled by my employer?

    A: Jordan Tax Services is the Townships appointed Earned Income Tax Collector. New residents should contact Jordan Tax at 724.731.2300 or at JORDANTAX.COM to register. You will need to provide your name, address, employer information, and the North Fayette PSD code, which is 731802.

  • Q: If there is a large dead animal (deer) in the road, who do I call?

    A: Police dispatch at 724-693-8400 and they will contact the appropriate department – county, state or Township Public Works.

  • Q: What size and type of fence am I allowed and do I need a permit?

    A: No permits are required for any fence however they need to meet the zoning ordinance requirements. In Residential Zoning Districts, a maximum 6-foot high fence is permitted in the side and rear yards and may extend up to the property line. A maximum 3-foot high fence with 75% open is permitted in the front yard.